Sample Class List

The official Class Schedule will be available on Titan Online on September 23. Course offerings may change based on a number of factors, so be sure to check the schedule often for the classes you want before the registration period begins on October 14. Check out the Sample Class List below.

AFAM 311 Race and Relationships (GE)
AFAM 356 African American Music Apprec (GE)
AMST 101 Intro American Culture (GE)
AMST 300 Intro to Amer Pop Culture (GE)
AMST 301 American Character (GE)
ANTH 100 Non-Wstrn Cultrs & Wst Trad (GE)
ANTH 101 Intro Biological Anthro (GE)
ANTH 304 Trad Cultures of World (GE)
ANTH 305 Anthropology of Religion (GE)
ANTH 311 Culture and Communication (GE)
ANTH 321 Peoples of Native No America (GE)
ANTH 342 Anthropology and Health (GE)
ANTH 344 Sex, Evolution, Human Nature (GE)
ANTH 481 Contemporary Anthropology
ASAM 308 Asian American Women (GE)
ASAM 320 Asian Pacific Am Cultural Stud (GE)
ASAM 325 Asian Amer Film & Video (GE)
BIOL 101 Elements of Biology (GE)
BIOL 336 GEO/BIO Field Investigations
BIOL 414 Microbial Genetics
CAS 315 Child Development (GE)
CAS 325A Conception Through Age 8
CAS 325B Age 9 Through Adolescence
CAS 490T Sr Sem Child/Adol Dev
CHIC 305 Chicana/o Families (GE)
CHIC 337 Contemporary Chicana/o Lit (GE)
COMM 300 Visual Communication (GE)
COMM 370 Prin & Hist Amer Mass Comm (GE)
COMM 407 Communications Law
COMM 410 Prin Communication Resrch
CRJU 300 Foundations Criminal Justice (GE)
CRJU 315 Policing
CRJU 320 Intro to Pub Mgmt & Pol (GE)
CTVA 300 Language of Film
CTVA 350 Story Structure
CTVA 365 Children's TV (GE)
CTVA 374 Contemporary World Cinema (GE)
EDSC 304 Educational Tech for Sec Teach
EDSC 320 Adolescent Development (GE)
EDSC 340 Sec Student Diversity
EDSC 410 Teaching English Learners
EDSC 504 Adv Prof Educ Tech
ENGL 301 Advanced College Writing
GEOG 110 Intro to Natural Environment (GE)
GEOG 120 Global Environ Problems (GE)
GEOG 329 Cities and Nature (GE)
GEOG 371 The National Parks (GE)
GEOG 372 Geography of Illegal Drugs (GE)
GEOG 373 Global Cuisines (GE)
GEOG 101L Introduction to Geology Lab (GE)
GEOG 336 GEO/BIO Field Investigations
HCOM 100 Intro to Human Comm (GE)
HCOM 300 Intro to Resrch Spch Comm
HESC 101 Personal Health (GE)
HESC 342 Stress Management (GE)
HESC 349 Meas/Stat in Health Science (GE)
HESC 350 Nutrition (GE)
HESC 401 Epidemiology
HESC 455 Designing Health Ed Curr
HESC 495 Internship Health Science
HIST 110A World Civilization to 16c (GE)
HIST 110B World Civ Since the 16c (GE)
HIST 180 Survey of American Hist (GE)
HIST 395 World War I (GE)
HIST 480C American Military History
KNES 342 Stress Management (GE)
KNES 348 Physiology of Exercise
KNES 349 Meas/Statistics in Kinesiology
KNES 361 Prin of Human Movement
KNES 371 Human Motor Control/Learn
KNES 380 Philosophy of Human Movement
KNES 381 History Sports/Games/Culture (GE)
KNES 386 Movement and the Child (GE)
KNES 470 Nutrition for Exer and Perform
MUS 101 Music Theory Non-Mu Majors (GE)
MUS 307 History of Rock Music (GE)
MUS 355 Film Music (GE)
PHIL 320 Contemporary Moral Issues (GE)
POSC 100 American Government (GE)
POSC 320 Intro to Pub Mgmt & Pol (GE)
PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology (GE)
PSYC 300 Intermed Res Methods & Stats
PSYC 302 Learning and Memory
PSYC 305 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 341 Abnormal Psychology (GE)
PSYC 361 Developmental Psychology (GE)
PSYC 456 Psyc of LGBTQ Experiences
PSYC 495 Field Placement in Psych
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (GE)
SOC 302 Social Research Methods
SOC 303 Stat for Social Sciences (GE)
SOC 325 The American Drug Scene (GE)
SOC 354 Gender, Sex and Society (GE)
SOC 356 Social Inequality (GE)
SOC 366 Deviant Behavior
SOC 410 Theories of Soc Behavior
SPED 371 Exceptional Individual
SPED 401 Introduction to Autism
SPED 421 Work Fam of Ind w/ Disab
SPED 463 Char Indv Mild/Mod Disab
SPED 464 Char Indv Mod/Sever Disab
SPED 501 Intro to Graduate Studies
DANC 471 Creative Dance for Children
THTR 100 Introduction to Theatre (GE)
THTR 200 Script Analysis
THTR 372 Drafting II: CAD for the Thtr
WGST 205 Gender and Globalization (GE)
WGST 302 Introduction Women's Studies (GE)
WGST 360 Politics of Sexuality (GE)

* Parenthesis (GE) indicates a general education course
This is a sample of Winter Session class offerings, information is subject to change.